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Lien & Judgment Report

Preserve Your Records By Filling in Missing Data

With 96% of Judgments and 50% of Liens omitted from credit files, you’re left with a missing gap of information that could put your clients and your reputation at risk. Eliminate your risk of defaults by ordering our accurate report.

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Help Clients
Don’t let your clients lose their dream home because of partial records
Complete Picture
Get the entire story of a consumer’s unreported credit activities

Simple Ordering
Order as a standalone file, with the credit report, or in batch processing

Total Accuracy
Partnering with LexisNexis, we make sure you get accurate data every time

Other Features


With our FCRA and GSE compliant reports, you’ll get better data without unnecessary holdups


Know when an applicant has an eviction, state or federal tax liens, foreclosures, and more on their record


All of our data and orders are processed in-house by our teams in California and Texas

“When the bureaus decided to omit liens and judgments, it had a damaging effect on our processes to make sure our clients wouldn’t default. Luckily, IR conveniently replaced those exact records so it was like nothing ever changed.”

– Mick T., Underwriting Manager

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