Income Tax Verification

Income Tax Verification

Speed Through the Income Tax Verification Process with No Setbacks

IR gives you access to a borrower’s true income faster than ever. We request electronic tax transcripts directly from the IRS so you can get complete and accurate information to secure the loan.


Our ITV is delivered securely through your LOS or IR’s Web Credit System


With 3 approved IRS processing centers, we can submit same-day orders to help avoid typical delays


Once your order is complete, just log in online anytime to download the full report


Receive complete IRS tax return details: income, deductions, payments, profits, losses, etc.

Easy Ordering

With multiple LOS integrations and e-signatures, easily place, check the status, or view billing on your order anytime online

Full Support

Backs underwriting and income documentation requirements from FHLMC, and FHA lending programs

Prevent Fraud

Instantly verify the 1040 series, 1099, W2, 1065 (LLC), 1120L, 1120H, 1120S, and others

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