Automated Valuation Models

Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

Be More Competitive by Leveraging Instant Results

Before getting a costly appraisal, receive a statistically driven estimate in seconds with IR’s affordable AVM. We’re only as good as our data, so we pull from more than 3.5 billion property records that are updated daily, giving you more agility in the market.


Unlike an appraisal, get accurate numbers within seconds of ordering


Know whether or not to move forward with a full appraisal before you pay the extra cost


Get a clear, objective value on a property with a mathematically-derived estimate


We surpass other AVM providers by utilizing the largest database that covers 99% of all US properties

User-Friendly Process

Order and see your report through your LOS system, our convenient Web Credit System, or via Portfolio Batch Services

More Profit

Discover upsell opportunities instantly if the AVM is substantially higher than the stated value

Multiple Vendors

Get the flexibility and usability you need by choosing the vendors that you want


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