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Get borrowers through the loan process faster with one vendor, less fees, and better service.

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Faster results with unbeatable service and security

Our ultimate goal is to simplify the loan process by building on our technology and adopting a straightforward customer service model. As the only company in the industry that holds 3 security certifications, we’re committed to protecting client data and determined to constantly evolve our solutions to fit our clients’ needs using our 70-year history of operational and technological excellence.

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Our Core Products

One Destination for Everything You Need

Find out why Informative Research is at the forefront of technology and discover our wide range of future-proof solutions


Prequalify applicants with our new, consumer-driven service that instantly shows custom loan options via smartphone without impacting credit score and triggering competition.

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Trended Credit Data

Customize your viewing options of trended credit data so you can save time, money, and help qualified clients get the home of their dreams all at once.

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TriMerge Credit Report

We merge credit data from all 3 credit bureaus and remove duplicate tradelines to instantly deliver one clean, comprehensive report.

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Before offering a firm line of credit to applicants, pull a soft inquiry of their credit data to match them to the right loan option instantly.

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Portfolio Monitoring

Actively scans your clients’ profiles and notifies you immediately of any changes that could help maintain or increase your interest.

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As a provider of Fanie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty, we give you access to a borrower’s true income faster than ever.

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Flood Certification

We partnered with the largest and most experienced vendors in the industry so we could offer you the most comprehensive flood coverage nationwide.

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CreditXpert Solutions Suite

Offered with IR’s SoftQual and TriMerge credit reports, it’s an easy
way to qualify more clients and help increase their credit score.

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Lenders need a foolproof way to save time, money, and, most importantly, shield them from potential security risks. Learn how you could protect your earnings and save millions in compliance and loan production costs by considering this one crucial factor that could be raising your expenses.

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