TriMerge Credit Report

TriMerge Credit Report

Reimagining The Way Lenders Use Trimerge Credit Reports

Informative Research is a technology platform company that retrieves, merges and presents consumer credit data, allowing lenders to make the right decision quickly

Automation Enablement

Further your automation strategy using the power of IR's platform to ensure your system can make the best decision

Easy to

We conveniently organize the data to help lenders assemble a full borrower profile within seconds


Get all the details you need: payment history, credit limits, current account status, and more


Avoid losing business with our precise credit reporting process that we’ve spent years refining

Lender Approved

As a trusted credit provider partner to the GSE’s, we’re in full compliance with GSE guidelines so you get a complete and accurate picture

Crucial Security

The data is strictly protected through best-in-class security guidelines, ensuring the consumer identity and the lender brand are preserved

Flexible Ordering

Order through your proprietary system, LOS system or via our Web Credit System

TriMerge Credit Report

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