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CreditXpert® Solutions Suite

Turn Potential into Dollars By Improving Your Client’s Score

Don’t lose any opportunities and utilize our CreditXpert® Solutions Suite. Offered with IR’s SoftQual and TriMerge credit reports, it’s an easy way to qualify more clients and help increase their score so you can get more loans through the door.

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More Approvals
Get more qualified borrowers to send through the approval process
Quick Results
Easily order through our convenient Web Credit System and get results automatically
Build Trust
Nurture the relationship with your client by helping them get their new dream home
Increase Score
Easily see how to raise your client’s score so you can qualify them for the loan

The Solutions Suite


Automatically scans the credit report and shows you the increased score that your client could potentially achieve


Determines the best actions to take so you and your client know how to increase their credit score


Before taking action, easily plug in custom or predefined scenarios to predict how the score would change

“In a purchasing market, we can’t afford to let anyone slip through the cracks and the CreditXpert® Solution prevents that. Our LOs can immediately identify ways to raise credit scores so we can build better relationships with our clients and close more loans.”

– Breeanna W., Sales Manager

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