VOA Status Definitions

Not Created

Verification of Assets has not yet been requested for this order. Select Order Verification on the Order Details page to add the service.

Not Opened

The borrower has not started the asset account enrollment process. To get started, direct the borrower to log in to AccountChek using the link in their invitation email. If the borrower has not received or lost the login link, you can locate it under “Borrower Login” on the order details page.

Single Sign-On Expired

An expired single sign-on URL was used to attempt a borrower login.


The borrower has started, but not completed, the asset account enrollment process.


An error occurred while attempting to obtain access to the borrower’s online banking accounts. This usually occurs when the borrower has entered their online banking username or password incorrectly. If the borrower is unable to proceed, please contact AccountChek support.

Needs Update

The borrower needs to update their online banking credentials in AccountChek. Please direct the borrower to log in to AccountChek and follow the prompts.

Report Queued

The initial report, after the borrower has entered or updated their credentials, was added for generation. Account and balance information is now available.

No Transactions

AccountChek could not generate the requested report. One or more of the borrower’s accounts did not contain the transaction data needed to meet the requested range of transaction history.

Harvest Failed

This status indicates that there is a communication issue with the financial institution that is preventing us from receiving updated transaction and balance information. These issues are usually temporary and can be resolved without creating a new order.

Please attempt to refresh the report 4 hours after the alert first appeared. If the report has not generated upon refresh after 4 hours, please contact AccountChek support.

Harvest Already in Progress

An action was initiated that caused the system to perform multiple account harvests simultaneously. This is a transient error that can be cleared by requesting a new report.

Data Inaccessible

An error occurred while verifying the borrower’s account data. The report generation process has been halted by AccountChek. Please contact AccountChek support to resolve the issue.


The borrower’s accounts were harvested and AccountChek successfully generated at least one report.


The AccountChek order has been closed. This indicates that the refresh period has expired or the order was closed manually by a verifier in your organization.


The AccountChek order has been canceled by a verifier in your organization. Orders may only be canceled before the borrower has begun the account enrollment process.