We’re excited to announce our new integration with MortgageHippo, creators of the leading borrower-centric digital lending platform.


“Our cutting-edge technology combined with MortgageHippo’s robust digital platform was a perfect match,” commented Scott Horn, Chief Operating Officer of Informative Research. “Lenders need better tech solutions and simplified service, so we’re thrilled about this partnership and for MortgageHippo users to experience a more streamlined lending process.”

With Informative Research now fully integrated with MortgageHippo, users will be able to order multiple credit products under one vendor including but not limited to the customizable TriMerge Credit Report, PreClose Credit Report, QuickLook, and their popular SoftQual solution, which lets lenders pull a soft inquiry on an applicant’s credit report before pulling a hard inquiry so they can prequalify them and save time and money.


”We are proud to partner with a trusted provider like Informative Research,” said Joe Dahleen, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at MortgageHippo. “Providing lenders with accurate and reliable credit data is a key element of the digital mortgage experience that today’s borrowers demand.”


MortgageHippo offers lenders a customizable and consumer-centric digital lending platform that allows borrowers to apply for and complete the entire mortgage process in a modern online experience. The integration of Informative Research with the MortgageHippo platform will allow lenders to maximize efficiencies by collecting trusted credit data from a reputable source within the borrower profile.