Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Monitoring

Take Control to Keep Your Business Profitable

Stay ahead of the market with IR’s Portfolio Monitoring, which actively scans your clients’ profiles and notifies you immediately of any changes that could help maintain or increase your interest.

Take Action

Take action right away by pinpointing both problematic and advantageous account.


Get automatic updates within 12-36 hours of it being recorded at the bureau level


Stay ahead of negative credit events and know when to modify accounts

Build Profits

Proactively generate new loan revenue and avoid portfolio runoff

More Opportunities

MLS monitoring sends daily alerts of new real estate listings within your portfolio or contact database

Custom Triggers

Specify your trigger alerts for new mortgage inquiries, bankruptcy, new liens, recent tradelines, collections, and much more

Processed in the USA

All of our data and orders are processed in-house by our teams in California and Texas

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