Manual Verification

Verify Employment and Income

Manual Verification

Manual verification is time-consuming and costly, requiring lenders to manually collect, review, and verify documents provided by the customer.

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Verification of Asset Employment & Income Solutions

Informative Research is a technology platform company that integrates with all verification of employment and income providers. By applying a rules-based decision engine along with an intuitive order experience, lenders no longer have to worry about the work to integrate with multiple providers or the impact on their users

Features & Benefits


IR consistently onboards and integrates with various providers, aiming to establish seamless integration with all verification service providers.

Minimal Development

IR consistently brings on board and collaborates with diverse providers, with the objective of achieving seamless integration with all verification service providers.

One Click Automation

IR consistently welcomes and partners with a variety of providers, aiming to achieve smooth integration with all verification service providers.

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With Informative Research you can automate your verification process with our all-in-one digital verification platform.