Our latest integration enhancements with LendingQB now provides enhanced functionality for the SoftQual solution and has added Tax-Return and Social Security Verification services that are now available through the platform.


“It’s important to IR that our clients are never hindered and their workflow is always seamless and uninterrupted,” explained Scott Horn, Chief Operating Officer of Informative Research. “LendingQB is a specialized platform that’s always been progressive with their integrations, so we wanted to provide an expansion of capabilities to their users. It’s been a wonderful partnership that’s really benefited our clients.”

Thanks to this improved integration, LendingQB users can now order up to 7 different credit reports, including the popular SoftQual solution, which allows lenders to prequalify an applicant by pulling a soft inquiry credit report before a hard inquiry so they can save time and money. Additionally, users have the ability to easily order and retrieve supplements, view billing reports, order flood certifications, get preclose monitoring, and remove an applicant.

“Informative Research has never shielded away from utilizing the Open API to the extent it was designed for. The underlying factors for integrating with LendingQB has always gravitated towards their commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Tim Nguyen, CEO and Co-Founder of MeridianLink. “Now, LendingQB clients get to use the Informative Research products they’ve grown accustomed to with even stronger capabilities. We are greatly looking forward to seeing what more they can do for our clients in the future.”

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