Fannie & Freddie Access Setup

Fannie Mae® Desktop Underwriter®

If you will be reissuing IR reports to other systems such as Fannie Mae® Desktop Underwriter®, you’ll be required to create a client password to use with your IR client ID when reissuing reports. After logging in to the other system, you’ll need to input your IR client ID and client password as part of your reissue request.

To Create Your Client Password:

  1. After you have logged into WCS, click on theadmin tab at the top of the screen, then click Manage Fannie Mae Password (note that only a user with an administrator role can perform this task).  This will take you to the Manage Fannie Mae Password page. 
  2. Type in a new password in the Password field, and then retype it in the Retype Password field to verify.
    1. The client password may contain alpha and numeric characters. Any alpha characters should be entered here in UPPERCASE to make sure that they will match when coming from all systems.  
    2. Click Save

The password has been updated. The screen will clear and the fields will now be blank. 


Freddie Mac®’s Loan Prospector®

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