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Trended Credit Data

Save Time and Avoid Hassle with Custom Viewing

Don’t get overwhelmed by trended credit data and let it slow down the underwriting process! Customize your viewing options so you can save time, money, and help qualified clients get the home of their dreams all at once.

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Save Time
Avoid process slowdowns with full customization on the details you need
Custom Options
Choose how you see Trended Credit Data with our 3 different display options
Complete Details
Get 24 months of history on credit limits, accounts, payments, balances, etc.
Less Risk
With a thorough credit report, improve the accuracy of DU’s credit risk assessment

3 Most Popular Display Options

Trend on Demand™

Maintains the standard format you’re used to without the Trended Credit Data clutter – and you can still choose to see it

Trend Select™

Only shows 24 months of historic Trended Credit Data for each revolving tradeline, with the option to view it on all

Trend Total™

Neatly displays 24 months of historic Trended Credit Data for all tradelines

“Our previous credit provider jammed 24 months of TCD below the tradeline and turnaround times went through the roof. But with IR’s Trend Select, we only see what FNMA sees in the revolving accounts, which makes it a much easier and faster process.”

– Glen L., Underwriting Manager

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