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Prospect Insight

Get Better Quality Leads to Build Your Revenue

Good quality leads are more important than ever and can make the biggest impact on your bottom line. With IR’s Prospect Insight, get customized, prescreened leads that enable you to grow your market share no matter the economic conditions.

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Custom Leads
Customize the credit criteria to fit your needs so you get the best quality leads for your business
Act Instantly
We deliver active leads daily so you can pick up more prospects faster than ever
Close More
Get alerts for recent mortgage inquiries, so you can target primed consumers
Predictive Modeling
Indicates which consumers have the strongest possibility for new loan activity

Other Features


Use FCRA-approved consulting expertise to stay compliant so you don’t run into unnecessary delays


Using predictive modeling and MLS monitoring, be the first to spot purchase and refinance opportunities


Leads can be specific to banks, brokers, credit unions, institutional lenders, mid-tier lenders, etc.

“It can be difficult to find leads, especially as the market starts to shift to purchasing. But Informative Research and their Prospect Insight tool is fantastic for filling that revenue gap. I get real, quality leads that turn into approved clients.”

– Shannon T., Loan Officer

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