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Data security is a key concern for everyone in the industry.

Credit reporting agencies, technical providers, and resellers can face substantial vulnerabilities without the proper certifications. If consumer financial information is not securely protected that could potentially lead to compliance issues, compromised data, and major security breaches.

Because of the many partnerships that Informative Research has built, IR can pull data from 10 different sources – giving IR access to more data than anyone else in our market space. With this access, our diligent team has built up a strong combination of reliable systems and robust compliance standards in order to deliver the most secure mortgage technology solutions on the market.

Since security is our top priority, Informative Research has passed security audits and attained certifications from PCI, EI3PA, and SOC2 – this is an industry achievement that no other company in the market has been able to reach.

But what exactly does this mean?

This means that Informative Research has achieved a 100% compliance rating on over 200 control points contained within the Report on Compliance (RoC). Therefore, IR has exceeded industry-wide compliance and security standards required to receive all three certifications.

But what about the third-party data that you use for your products?

When it goes through our system, all of the products in Informative Research’s catalog are protected through our PCI, EI3PA, and SOC2 compliance standards. So, no matter where the data comes from, lenders never have to worry about the added cost of compliance or data security issues and can focus on building their businesses instead.