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PCI and EI3PA Certifications

PCI and EI3PA Certifications

Informative Research is PCI and EI3PA certified, meeting system-wide compliance and security standards required to receive certification. All products in Informative Research’s catalogue are protected by the technical and operational requirements mandatory for PCI and EI3PA compliance.

Credit Reporting Agencies, technical providers, and resellers can face substantial vulnerabilities if consumer financial information is not securely protected. PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and EI3PA (Experian Independent Third Party Assessment) compliance standards require high levels of security vigilance to ensure the protection of consumer data. Informative Research achieved a 100% compliance rating on over 200 control points contained within the Report on Compliance (RoC).

Some of the Evaluated Control Points include:

  • Firewall/Router Configurations
  • Technical Service Providers
  • Verification of Consumer Data Encryption
  • Key Management Process Documentation
  • Archiving of Consumer Data
  • Unique ID’s for End Users
  • Tracing of Known and Authorized End Users
  • Physical Security

Delivering the most secure mortgage technology solutions requires a strong combination of people, reliable systems, and compliance standards. Informative Research will continue to adhere to the information security policies necessary to achieve PCI-DSS and EI3PA certification.