Prospect Insight

The Informative Insight product suite offers programs designed for clients of all sizes, delivering prescreened consumer credit leads that enable you to reach the most likely respondents for your unique lending criteria.

Our FCRA consulting expertise can help you stay compliant, while we partner with you to identify the best data elements to reach desired consumers.

From initial criteria consulting, firm offer compliance, secure product delivery and ongoing review of responders, we continually partner with you to refine your program for optimum success.

Our Informative Insight product suite includes:

Prescreen Credit Leads
Batch delivery of consumer leads matching your credit criteria to maximize your target market strategy

Marketing Triggers
Batch delivery of consumer leads matching your credit criteria, plus a recent mortgage inquiry, allowing you to focus only on consumers who are currently in the market for a loan

Prospect Triggers
Daily delivery of the most current mortgage inquiry leads within 12-36 hours of occurrence for quick action and higher success rate

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