Portfolio Snapshot

Informative Research’s Portfolio Snapshot product provides batch updates of key data for portfolio analysis, as part of due diligence for loan acquisition or for greater insight to your servicing portfolio.

Portfolio Snapshot gives you a fast & accurate tool for risk based portfolio valuation, regulatory compliance & investor reporting.

Our consulting team will guide you to data beyond traditional FICO score updates for a more complete picture of consumer’s overall credit standing. Explore the usage of key credit appends such as mortgage tradeline data, total revolving debt, percentage of debt utilization, and recent delinquencies. Combining mortgage tradeline details & automated property valuations provides you with tools to analyze lien position & status, as well as current loan to value.

Innovative solutions are customized for your unique needs. Acquiring information from multiple data sources ensures the best resource for each specific project.

The Portfolio Snapshot product can provide simplified vendor management via one delivery channel for blended hybrid reports of traditionally separate databases.

Our FCRA consulting expertise can help you drive compliant solutions, while we partner with you to identify the best data elements for optimum loan level insight for portfolio management, valuation and to identify additional opportunities.

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