Portfolio Solutions

Informative Research’s Portfolio Solutions offers soft inquiry credit products customized for your unique needs.  We provide the insight required for effective portfolio management & targeted prospecting. 

Our FCRA consulting expertise can help you drive compliant solutions, while we partner with you to identify the key data elements for superior insight. Our innovative solutions are created from multiple data sources to ensure we tailor the best resource with each specific project. The Informative product suite provides complete program support and simplified vendor management via one delivery channel.

Portfolio Solutions Suite

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Portfolio Health Check is capable of identifying credit and collateral risk early to mitigate losses before they can jeopardize the asset value.


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Portfolio Monitoring provides daily alerts of key credit risk and retention triggers on servicing portfolios.


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Portfolio Snapshot provides customized batch and append updates of credit, property, public record and demographic data.



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Prospect Insight are pre-screened credit criteria marketing leads, available in batch or as daily trigger leads.



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HOA Insight identifies the existence of a Home Owners Association which is very important in a Super Lien State.



Partner with the industry expertise of our FCRA certified team to explore the full array of Portfolio Solutions.

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