Non-Traditional Borrower Credit Report

Each Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) recognizes that some borrower’s don’t have a FICO score. Informative Research has the answer in the form of a Non-Traditional Borrower Report. A Non-Traditional Borrower Credit Report can be used to apply for a loan through Fannie Mae’s My Community Mortgage® or Freddie Mac’s Home Possible Mortgage®.

Informative Research creates a Non-Traditional Borrower Credit Report by using alternative, manually verified trade data that meets or exceed the guidelines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

We confirm all past payments and credit agreements with at least two following established accounts to create a credit report with ratings sufficient to meet the standards of the GSE programs:

  • Rental expense for a minimum of 12 months is required
  • Leases
  • Private Mortgages
  • Payments to a utility company (Phone, Electric, Cable TV, Gas, etc.)
  • Insurance payments
  • Recurring payments for child care
  • Payments to local businesses
  • Tuition payments


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