Manual Verifications

Take advantage of INFORMATIVE RESEARCH’s experience and expertise in manual verification of borrower data.  Our verification  process can typically be completed within 24 – 48 hours (with 1-2 hour(s)) rush services available.

Types of Manual / Independent Verifications

  • Credit trade-line information and public records (update balances, payment history, account status)
  •  VOE (Verification of employment, position and income)
  • VOR (Verification of dates of Rent amount, occupancy and status)
  • VOM (Verification of up-to-date mortgage ratings).
  • VOD (Verification of deposit)
  • Non-traditional credit lines (utilities, insurance, private party lenders, etc.)
  • Inquiries listed on the credit report (to verify if new credit has been opened)
  • Social variations appearing on the credit report (whether or not they belong to the borrower)
  • Dispute status on a trade-line
  • Ownership of the account (if it belongs to the borrower)
  • Duplicate accounts on the report
  • If or where an account/loan has been transferred, paid and/or closed
  • Mortgage Ratings (add)
  • Update collection or charge-off


We are available to discuss your manual verification credit needs in detail. To find out how INFORMATIVE RESEARCH can meet your needs for non-scoring borrowers, please contact our Sales team.