Residential Mortgage Credit Report

Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR)

INFORMATIVE RESEARCH has always been dedicated to providing the most accurate and complete Residential Mortgage Credit Report in the industry. From the beginning, Fannie Mae has trusted our RMCRs and their incorporation of our highly specialized, proprietary MergeMax logic system. Individual reports from the three credit bureaus are merged into an easily understood, accessible format with duplicated or incomplete listings removed for your convenience.

We provide you with a choice of how you want the information presented so that you have control over your borrower’s report. If you want to see credit scores first, we are happy to show them to you at the top of the report. We return the report in 24 to 48 hours provided there are no unforeseen complications, and promise that one of our dedicated Customer Support Specialists will call you to keep you informed throughout the process. Not only do you get the information returned quickly, but you always know how the process is moving so that you can keep your service to your clients at the high level they expect. We also offer rush services for those unexpected urgent moments.

Independent verifications are performed in conjunction with nationally recognized Public Record search firms. We assure you that our verifications are of the highest quality and accuracy available, something you have come to expect from INFORMATIVE RESEARCH.

Additional Benefits

Removal of Borrower/Co-borrower
Sometimes it is necessary to remove the borrower or co-borrower from the report because of their rocky credit history. We offer this service with our RMCR.

Bankruptcy Report Processing
Unexpected bankruptcies can be time-consuming for you. We offset this time loss by informing you of the bankruptcy right away so that we can get the process started to retrieve the necessary Bankruptcy schedules.

Full Customer Support
You receive personal attention from our highly-trained, industry-tenured customer support team. We pride ourselves on being available when you need us most.

Discover how INFORMATIVE RESEARCH can improve your workflow and streamline your credit reporting capabilities. Contact our sales staff for assistance in identifying the appropriate solutions today.