Premier Merge Credit Report

Originating, underwriting and funding a mortgage loans has inherent risks which can be minimized with a Quality Control Plan. Chapter 7 of HUD’s 4060.1 Handbook outlines a Quality Control Plans’ requirements. If you’re underwriting standards around credit data interpretation are lenient you’re exposing your organization to risk. If they’re too stringent you might lose business. Informative Research has spent years refining our credit reporting process to exceed our clients Quality Control Plan Requirements.

Our Premier Merge Credit Report benefits your organization in several other ways:

Clear Credit Profile
Accurate picture of the borrower’s complete credit profile through a TriMerged credit report using proven MergeMax logic that fuses duplicate tradelines cleanly and efficiently.

3 Month Coverage
Borrower’s credit report contains a full 120 day inquiry list on tradelines.

Easy Formatting
Credit data is conveniently arranged for quick reference to assist underwriters assemble a complete borrower profile in seconds.

Risk Model Choice
We can include Experian’s Fair Isaac(SM), Equifax’s Beacon® and TransUnion’s Empirica(SM) risk model scores within your Premier Merge Credit Report. You choose the risk model score(s) that best fits your needs. Additionally, the latest Fair Isaac NextGen risk score is under review. If you have an interest in the NextGen risk model score, please contact your sales representative.

Customized Delivery
Premier Merge Credit Reports are ordered through our site Web Credit System or it can be populated into several loan origination software systems. Please contact a Business Systems Analyst for our current LOS’ integrations.

Lender Approved
Due to the increase in automated LOS systems lenders rely on our Premier Merge Credit Reports for originating loans. We are a trusted Fannie Mae credit provider since 1995 and have since established strong relationships with many of the loan originators and wholesale lenders in the industry.

Optional Features:

In addition to the standard features of a Premier Merge Credit Report as a client you can choose to add optional features that will enhance your Quality Control Plan: 

  • Customized credit scoring models
  • Summarized credit score data and debt to income ratio calculations
  • Predictive bureau risk scoring modeling for bankruptcy and consumer credit delinquency
  • Bureau gathered data regarding borrower payment patterns
  • Assets and debt worksheet which analyzes the risk associated with outstanding balances
  • EasyScan Creditor Directory for quick reference to the creditors named in the report
  • Consumer Referral section to direct borrowers where they can send their inquiries
  • Customized credit report format to assist your workflow
  • Single bureau, two bureau or three bureau credit report formats are available depending upon lender requirements
  • Upgrade a report from a Singe Bureau to a TriMerge or just add a missing bureau FICO score through Web Credit System or some LOS providers

Contact a Sales Executive for assistance with this solution.