PreClose Credit Report

FNMA Loan Quality Initiative ‘Undisclosed Liabilities’ Report

PreCloseCredit compares current credit data with a borrower’s primary credit report, detecting evidence of undisclosed liabilities in accordance with FNMA’s Loan Quality Initiatives.

Undisclosed Liabilities

  • Detects new liabilities and tradelines by type
  • Includes a comparison of tradeline counts
  • Gives warning on new tradelines

Balances and Payments

  • Compares balances/payments by tradeline type
  • Gives warnings on payment differences

Inquiry Verification’s

  • Highlights new credit inquiries
  • Displays ‘industry type’ for each inquiry
  • Links to two options for inquiry verification’s

Borrower Inquiry Interview

INFORMATIVE RESEARCH contacts the borrower regarding all new credit inquiries on the report, to determine whether the inquiries resulted in a new purchase or liability.

Creditor Inquiry Verification

For each inquiry requested INFORMATIVE RESEARCH will contact the creditor, potentially including the borrower in a 3-way call, to determine whether the inquiry resulted in a new purchase or liability.

Both the Creditor Inquiry Verification and the Borrower Inquiry Interview are delivered in supplement format.

Options: Scores, Summary Only

Credit scores comparison and ‘summary only’ format are optional.

Configure PreClose Credit to match your FNMA ‘LQI’ best practices.

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