Red Flags Risk Platform

Red Flag Risk Platform is a FACTA compliant ID risk report driven by a mortgage fraud detection and prevention system. It’s engineered to add intelligence, relevance, and context to bureau credit data – leveraging our 62+ years of mortgage credit experience.

All ID fraud risk alerts on the Red Flags Risk Addendum are enhanced with:

  • ‘Plain-English’ explanations for improved understanding
  • ‘Suggested Actions’ offering practical risk mitigation procedures
  • Links to risk escalation resources and products
  • Matching FACTA Red Flag regulations

Your borrower’s ID data is scanned against bureau fraud databases, providing a total of 171 potential risk alerts. Combined with INFORMATIVE RESEARCH’s proprietary ID fraud report logic, Red Flags Risk Platform is your company’s answer to detecting ID fraud and enabling FACTA Red Flag Rules compliance.

Your Business, FACTA, and Mortgage ID Fraud

FACTA Red Flag Rules and Bureau Fraud Alerts

Fraud alerts and the FACTA Red Flag Rules are generic: designed for multiple industries. It takes a mortgage expert to know which ID fraud alerts matter most to your business.

That’s why 62+ years of mortgage expertise makes a powerful difference!

Red Flags Risk Platform is…

  • Right for your business: the mortgage industry
  • Smart for your compliance program
  • Cost effective for your bottom line

Six Ways INFORMATIVE RESEARCH’s Red Flags Risk Platform Works for You:

1) Proprietary Scoring and Report Logic
Our scoring and report logic assigns specific mortgage fraud risk severity scores to all 171 potential risk alerts. These scores are directly validated and related to actual known frauds analyzed from two of the nation’s top lenders.

Scoring and report logic is used to generate ID Risk Level messages and to organize report layout and features which help originators and underwriters quickly and efficiently respond to ID fraud red flags.

2) Specific to Mortgage ID Fraud
Red Flags Risk Platform emphasizes the risk alerts most associated with ID misrepresentation as applicable to mortgage fraud: strawbuyers, HELOC break-out, flipping schemes, etc. This reduces unnecessary efforts spent investigating risk alerts unrelated to mortgage fraud.

3) Built-In Reduction of ‘False Positives’
Red Flags Risk Platform is engineered to reduce ‘false positives,’ which saves your company the time, costs, and effort of responding to false alarms and prevents turning away legitimate borrowers.

4) Data Integrity Intelligence
The quality, source, and integrity of borrower ID data elements (and the various fraud databases) affect risk severity.

INFORMATIVE RESEARCH uses its 62+ years of experience to factor in data quality and integrity making Red Flags Risk Platform effective in detecting mortgage ID fraud.

5) ‘Loss’ Risk Variations Factored
Fraud for profit results in 10-50 times the loss as fraud for housing.

Red Flags Risk Platform factors in the bottom-line loss consequences of the various types of mortgage fraud.

6) FACTA Red Flag Rules Compliance
Red Flags Risk Platform is the only fraud platform of its kind in the market today that maps bureau fraud alerts to applicable FACTA Red Flag Rules regulations, providing a powerful tool in your compliance arsenal.

Your company can even customize the Suggested Actions and Secondary Risk Products associated with each fraud alert, to better match your own risk mitigation procedures.

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