Red Flags Risk Platform

Informative Research’s Red Flag Risk Platform is a Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) compliant ID risk report. It’s engineered to assist financial institutions by providing relevance and context to bureau’s credit data. Your borrower’s ID is scanned against bureau fraud databases and combined with Informative Research’s proprietary ID fraud report logic. Red Flags Risk Platform is your company’s answer to detecting ID fraud and staying complaint with FACTA Red Flag Rules.

Each ID Fraud Alert is enhanced with:

  • Expanded explanations
  • Suggested Actions offers a practical response to each alert
  • Links to risk escalation resources and products
  • Matching FACTA Red Flag regulations

Ways Informative Research’s Red Flags Risk Platform works for you:

1) Proprietary Scoring and Report Logic

Pair’s specific mortgage fraud risks score to each of the 170 + potential alerts. The score is used to generate ID Risk Level messages which help underwriters quickly and efficiently respond to ID fraud.

2) Specific to Mortgage ID Fraud

Red Flags Risk Platform highlights the risks associated with ID misrepresentation in mortgage lending like straw buyers, HELOC break-out or flipping.

3) Built-In Reduction of False Positives

Streamline your underwriting process by focusing on legitimate borrowers without false positives. This will reduce the cost associated with originating quality loan files.

4) Loss Risk Variations Factored

Red Flags Risk Platform factors in the bottom line loss consequences of the various types of mortgage fraud.

5) FACTA Red Flag Rules Compliance

Red Flags Risk Platform’s the only fraud platform that maps bureau fraud alerts to the applicable FACTA Red Flag Rule making it the preeminent compliance solution.

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