Mortgage Credit Reports and Services

With a key focus on mortgage credit, INFORMATIVE RESEARCH offers a full range of credit reporting options and services to meet your needs from single bureau in-files for pre-qualification to tri-merged credit reports that are accepted by major loan decisioning engines to manually verified Residential Mortgage Credit Reports (RMCRs).

All reports can be ordered via our state-of-the-art Web Credit System (WCS) or through the Loan Origination System (LOS) or wholesale underwriting engine of your choice.

With the constantly changing landscape of the mortgage industry, it is important to choose a provider who has the knowledge and experience to back its products. When you order an INFORMATIVE RESEARCH credit report, you can be assured that the data you receive has been run through a merge logic that is approved by the nation’s top lending institutions, including Fannie Mae and Bank of America.

Additionally, INFORMATIVE RESEARCH provides supplementary products and unmatched customer service to ensure you are fully supported in your credit needs. Whether your borrower has perfect credit and all you need is a mortgage rating, or if your borrower has blemished credit and you need to identify areas for improvement, INFORMATIVE RESEARCH has the tools and resources to make your job easier.

  • Fannie Mae: IR is 1 of 12 direct credit providers, and one of the first listed on Fannie Mae’s automated loan software, Desktop Underwriter® and Desktop Originator®.
  • GMAC Residential Funding Corporation: IR is 1 of 4 direct credit providers to Assetwise DirectSM automated loan evaluation tool.

The following credit reporting products are available from INFORMATIVE RESEARCH:

  • Premier
    An automated tri-merged credit report generated by our proprietary merge engine.
  • RMCR
    A thorough tri-merged report, independently verified for complete accuracy and up-to-the-minute borrower data.
  • Non-traditional Borrower Reports
    These reports evaluate credit risk on borrowers who may not have enough credit history in the repository’s data in order for you to make an informed lending decision.
  • Credit ReScore
    IR’s expedited process to correct a borrower’s credit history at the repository level through investigation and recording.
  • Streamlined Report
    When all you need is a mortgage rating, the Streamlined report can provide you with just that detail.
  • Business Credit Reports

A report that allows you to thoroughly evaluate new business accounts according to their credit history and rating.

A value-added service for our standard credit reports in order to provide you with heightened protection.

Our sales staff can assist you in determining the right mix of reports to solve your organization’s specific needs. Also, be sure to inquire about our report customization capabilities.

Contact our sales office for assistance in identifying the appropriate solutions today.