HOA Insight

Preeminent Risk Management Solution!

HOA Insight identifies the existence of a Home Owners Association which is very importance in a Super Lien State. Super Liens are a category of lien that pursuant to a state statute can be given a higher priority than all other types of liens.

Your portfolio could be at risk from undetected HOA liens jeopardizing your lien position. HOA Insight’s platform is an evolving data set built to assist Lenders, Servicers and Property Preservation companies by reviewing their portfolios for:

  • Existence of an HOA
  • Recorded liens (HOA, Tax, Mechanics or Judgments)
  • Occupancy misrepresentation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Pre-foreclosure proceedings

HOA Insight can be ordered as a Standalone Report OR through Portfolio Monitoring. Maintaining the health of your portfolio is easier when you partner with Informative Research! HOA Insight is yet another proven tool in our full array of Risk Management Portfolio Solutions.

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