Flood Certification

Accurate, reliable flood zone determinations

With FEMA undergoing a Map Modernization Program, lenders need a flood vendor that has the stability and the resources to provide accurate flood zone information. Tracking the flood status of over 35 million properties and connected to over 25 LOS and other ordering platforms, our system delivers the most comprehensive, up-to-date flood zone information available today.

Standard or Life of Loan

National Flood Standard Certificate provides a property’s flood certificate with risk status. National Flood Life of Loan Certificate adds direct flood hazard monitoring for the entire term of the loan.

Technology and Automation

With the latest technology, INFORMATIVE RESEARCH provides:

  • A 93% automation rate, the highest in the industry.
  • Performance and system monitoring 24/7.
  • State-of-the-art back-up systems to ensure order fulfillment without disruption.

Reliability and Service

Our flood zone determinations are accepted by the industry’s top investors. Flood specs are MISMO compliant.

Speed and Accuracy

Automated orders will be returned instantly. When manual determination is required, a team of map specialists will complete the flood zone determination within a few hours.

In today’s mortgage environment, accurate, up-to-date, reliable flood information is essential. To learn more, Contact our sales office for assistance in identifying the appropriate solutions today or email flood@informativeresearch.com.