Letter of Explanation

Negative information on a borrowers credit report can affect a Lenders ability to fund a loan.

Avoid unnecessary paperwork and additional explanation letters. Our Letter of Explanation gives your borrowers a seamless and simplistic tool to provide an explanation or acknowledgment for all the derogatory tradelines, collections, public records and inquiries on their credit report.

A link will be provided on our credit report to generate the Letter of Explanation at your convenience.

Informative Research’s Letter of Explanation allows Lenders to further paper loan files effectively.


What is displayed on the Letter of Explanation?

  • Derogatory Tradelines
  • Collections
  • Public Records
  • Inquiries
  • New Accounts
Benefits of INFORMATIVE RESEARCH’S Letter of Explanation
Easy On-line Ordering
  • Order on-line through INFORMATIVE RESEARCH’s Web Credit System (WCS).

Reduce Unnecessary Paperwork

  • Provide explanation of derogatory tradelines directly on credit report.

WCS Administrative Roles

  • Capabilities of turning the Derog Worksheet on/off when ordering a tri-merge credit report.

Disclosure Mailing Services

  • Turnkey mailing service available
  • Management report provided weekly to standardize ongoing documentation and easily demonstrate compliance in response to an audit.

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