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INFORMATIVE RESEARCH’s Automated Valuation Models provide lenders with the confidence needed to fund a loan quicker. You can trust that you are equipped with the real value of the asset via our robust modeling technique.

INFORMATIVE RESEARCH has partnered with a leading automated valuation service provider in order to offer you higher accuracy and reliability. Our AVM provider has a long history in the predictive modeling industry, and has developed their expertise through years of technology specialization in the aerospace and advanced science fields. Their technology has been used on mission-critical applications for such organizations as Boeing, the U.S. Military and NASA, so you can trust that your critical needs will be well served by such a dedicated experience curve.

Decisions are made with speed and accuracy. Each report arrives within seconds with a Confidence Score, signifying a direct correlation to the accuracy of the property value. Several metrics are used to identify patterns necessary to verify a property’s value, including property type, price level, and geographic and regional influences.

Our Automated Valuation Model can be used for some of the following purposes:

  • Streamline the appraisal process for refinancing or second mortgages
  • HELOC loans
  • Audit traditional appraisal
  • Pre-qualify a borrower
  • Provide a portfolio analysis
  • Track property values over time
  • Integrate property valuations into LOS applications

INFORMATIVE RESEARCH has formed this partnership to provide our customers with the best AVM product on the market. We trust that we are offering you the premium service in terms of technology, reliability and constant innovation – some of INFORMATIVE RESEARCH’s highly recognized core values.

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