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Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 2379
Garden Grove, CA 92842
Telephone: 714.638.2855
Toll free 800.473.4633

Telephone 800.473.4633
Facsimile 714.638.3749

Customer Service – Main
Telephone 800.676.3338
Facsimile 800.800.0451
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Technical Support
Telephone 800.366.2794
Facsimile 714.590.5811

Customer Service
(T) 800.676.3338 (F) 800.800.0451 (E)

For Assistance with: Premiers (3 Bureau Merged In-File) . RMCR’s (Residential Mortgage Credit Report) . Supplement Requests . Trade-line Verifications/Updates . Status Calls . Call-In . Special Requests

Flood Division
(T) 800.701.0060 (F) 800.981.9070 (E)
For Assistance with: Flood Certifications- All editing is done at Informative Research.

Customer Technical Support & Training
(T) 800.366.2794 (E)
For Assistance with: Troubleshooting Customer Technical Problems . Software Installation . Product Training

Credit ReScore
(T) 888.819.0007 (F) 888-819-0011
For Assistance with: Credit ReScore Services

Account Management
(T) 800.473.4633 (F) 714.638.3749
For Assistance with: New Products . Add Branches/Locations/Users . Setup on Internet . Name or Address Changes . Billing Issues . General Account Information- Please ask for your Account Executive

Human Resources
Facsimile 714.636.2107
PH: 1.800.473.4633 X 7112

Note: Clients seeking to order supplemental services should order the service through INFORMATIVE RESEARCH Web Credit System or contact your INFORMATIVE RESEARCH Team representative directly.

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