Credit Score Validator™

The Credit Score Validator™ was designed to assist mortgage lenders and underwriters while at the same time, providing a level of credibility to INFORMATIVE RESEARCH customers. With the increase of non-traditional loan types that allow for no documentation and stated incomes, there is a potential for more fraudulent activity. Lenders that accept loan packages with paper, faxed, or PDF copies of INFORMATIVE RESEARCH credit reports can now verify those reports via our online Score Validator.

The recipient of an INFORMATIVE RESEARCH credit report simply enters the primary borrower’s name, the report number, and the last four digits of the SSN, and the Score Validator will return the actual credit scores reported by the repositories as well as note whether or not a fraud product had been ordered.

This tool allows the recipient of the INFORMATIVE RESEARCH credit report to quickly validate the authenticity of the credit report before undergoing the time and expense of underwriting the file or ordering a back-up credit report.