Vision, Mission, & Values

INFORMATIVE RESEARCH  is driven to deliver quality products and superior customer service to our customers. Inspiring us is the declaration of our Vision, Mission, and Values.  Our vision directs our planning, while our mission and values guide our activities, motivate our employees, and color every decision we make as an organization.


To profitably grow our business through quality, innovation, and unprecedented service, while embracing new ventures and technologies that benefit our company, our employees, and our customers.


  • Provide revolutionary, standard-setting information technology based products and services to the marketplace.
  • Introduce market-desirable, innovative products through focused research, development, and project management.
  • Encourage an individually enriching, financially rewarding, team-oriented, friendly place to work.
  • Treat all Customers, Employees, Shareholders and Suppliers in the same manner in which we as individuals would like to be treated.
  • Be a good community partner through activities that support our employees and fellow citizens.
  • Treating Consumer Information and Privacy with highest level of concern.


  • Integrity
    At all times and under all circumstances, our behavior will withstand the most discerning scrutiny. Our communications will be open, honest and genuine.
  • Respect
    We honor the rights and beliefs of our colleagues, our customers, our partners and our community. We treat others with a high degree of dignity and seek to leverage the value of diverse thought.
  • Customer Driven
    In all that we do, we keep in mind how our actions and behaviors will ultimately benefit our customers. Through understanding needs, we strive to exceed expectations.
  • Responsibility
    We recognize the effects of our actions and we meet our commitments. We are answerable for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.
  • Embrace Change
    We capitalize on the adaptability and flexibility of our colleagues and our organization
  • Discipline
    We apply a non-bureaucratic approach to identifying problems and providing solutions. We exhibit self-initiative, a focused interest in our jobs, and pride in our work every day.
  • Ingenuity
    We will not shy away from questioning the status quo, and will listen to those who do so.
  • Teamwork
    We leverage the expertise of our colleagues to enable us to build the best solutions available. We will sacrifice our own personal agendas for the benefit of the team.