Borrower Information

In accordance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state laws, Informative Research are providing the basic information a consumer may need regarding their credit profile. The information is separated for your convenience.

INFORMATIVE RESEARCH complies with Section 611(a) (procedure in Case of Disputed Accuracy) of the FCRA in the event of a borrower dispute. INFORMATIVE RESEARCH’s clients utilize our services to provide credit reports as part of the home loan package. Results of credit investigations conducted by INFORMATIVE RESEARCH are supplied to its clients and borrowers, solely for the lending decision process.

Compliance with Section 611(a) of the FCRA by the three major credit repositories may result in permanent changes to the credit file.

NOTE: The How to Read a Credit Report section is intended for mortgage bankers, lenders and brokers. As such, there may be information that does not pertain to your copy of the report.